Our Story

Tri-C Farms, LLC History

Tri-C Farms, LLC was purchased by Roddy Cowan, grandfather to now owner Rodney Cowan. The purchase took place just after the depression on a government grant for $1,500, and has since been expanded to amount just under 100 acres. Tri-C Farms LLC was originally going to be named Three Springs due to three natural springs that were found on the property. It was officially named Tri-C Farms, LLC by Rodney Cowan because of the three generations of Cowans that had owned it. Tri-C Farms, LLC started out a dairy farm in which milking took place at three o’clock in the morning and three o’clock in the evening every day for many many years before it was converted over to a horse boarding facility. In addition, long horn cattle became a part of the farm to eventually be bred and raised for rodeo stock and beef sales. After Tri-C Farms LCC covered arena was built, the farm began running local youth rodeo and barrel shows. Since the beginning Tr-C Farms, LLC has evolved with the times in order to sustain itself. The newest addition in this evolution is the start of Airbnb’s on the property. We here at Tri-C Farms, LLC love what we do and love to share our home with anyone that is interested in the farm and livestock life, and we are proud to offer a glimpse of it to our Airbnb guest.